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  • Prices at are set to the industry average. This allows us to employ writers who meet the high standard demands applied to the U.S. and European writers.

    We grant assistance in a wide range of assignments, from personal letters to book/music reviews, from ordinary research papers to Master’s degree theses. Some clients ask us to put the pages they have written by themselves together, just to feel more confident, while others give us their detailed outlines to ensure the paper is in exact accord with what their tutors demand.

    The price for each assignment is therefore based on academic level, number of pages and urgency of your assignment.

    If you provide all necessary data and state the order instructions properly, it will make the work of our writers much easier and more efficient. A clear order is more likely to receive a paper that fits all requirements. You should keep that in mind while contacting us.

    The prices for writing do not include conducting any primary research. Our writers will not be able to gather primary data for your academic wok using such data collection methods as questionnaires, interviews, focus groups interviews, observations and others due to geographical reasons and time/resources required. In case such methods are essential for your academic work our writers will be glad to assist you in creating questionnaires as well as analyzing and discussing the results.

    We offer flexible means of communication, and discuss each assignment on a personal basis; above all, we value your cooperation. If you help us, we shall help you, and the benefit will, of course, be mutual.